Swing Club Update

I go to a very nice swing club in Oswego. The party is every Saturday night from 8 PM till 2 AM. They have a nice meal, a dance floor and a DJ, a swimming pool, and a jacuzzi. You can bring your own alcohol and they have the mixers. (Don't get drunk though :) ;)) Average attendance fluctuates, with a big crowd on the holidays and a more intimate gathering at other times. Average age is between 30 and 60 but some are younger and some are older. The women are hot and dress super sexy. The men dress nicely casual. Everyone is there to play. I am very comfortable in the situation and I can can usually get you some action if that's what you desire. Some people just like to watch. I desire a $500 donation. Also there is a $90 entrance fee which goes to the club . If you would like to spend the night, it's only $10 extra per person. This also goes to the club.